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Hair Dryer For Pet


Description :

ADJUSTABLE SPEED 2800W high velocity quickly dryer for dogs , high speed blowing, wind speed up to 25-50M /s, can dry pet deep hair, You can choose different wind levels depending on your pet's size and dry your cute pet thoroughly after bathing.

TEMPERATURE RANGE : Built-in thermostat and over temperature protection system, Keep the temperature between 86℉-158℉,the highest temperature is controlled within 158℉, prevent over temperature, protect pet hair.

LOW NOISE :In order to reduce noise, we constantly improve and upgrade the dog blow dryer, including upgrading the motor and noise reduction system, to better protect your pet's sensitive hearing. Don't be afraid to scare your pet with a hair dryer, this pet dryer is a professional quiet pet hair dryer (under 78 decibels) ,so your pet won't be scared when it's working.

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